Orthodox Natural Church Development

The Orthodox Natural Church Development (ONCD) Program

In 2018, our Parish initiated the Orthodox Natural Church Development (ONCD) Program.  This program is directed by Fr. Jonathan Ivanoff and is designed to help our Parish become healthy and vibrant. The program has several core stages that take time to complete so your patience is greatly appreciated as we move forward with the program. Stage 1 (Church Survey) was completed in 2018 and we are in the process of moving into Stage 2 (Focus Groups) in the coming weeks. 

As a directive of Fr. Ivanoff, an advisory committee (The Church Health Team or CHT) was formed in 2018 to coordinate the integration of the ONCD Program into the life of our parish.  Its members are stewards of our parish: Mike Vranesevic, Sari McNamara, Protinica JoAnn Rocknage, Marco Lukacs, Lyle Washowich, Donna Vranesevic, and Proto Stevo Rocknage.

Focus Groups

Christ is in our midst!  We are very interested in your participation in the Second Phase of the ONCD Program that is before us:  the FOCUS GROUPS!  Their purpose is to acquire Participants' opinions, beliefs, perceptions, and attitudes relative to the Spiritual Health and Growth of our beloved Parish.

The accumulated information generated from these Focus Groups will help us to realize the overall goal for our community: to grow in our spiritual health; to become more Christ-centered and focused on seeing in all persons the Image and Likeness of God; to become better witnesses to our Orthodox Faith by becoming better examples of the Faith's Stewardship, thereby attracting both the lapsed Orthodox Christians as well as the non-Orthodox to our Church Community, with the sole purpose being to strengthen our Spiritual Health as a Christ-centered community.

Each Focus Group will consist of a Facilitator, a note-taker, and a maximum of 12 participants.  

Focus Groups - Round 1 (Completed in June 2019)  The goal of this initial focus group was to determine what some of the barriers are.

Focus Groups - Round 2: (Completed in September 2019)  The goal of this focus group was to present the new ministries and see what areas people would like to participate in. 

Ministry Formation

Based on feedback from the initial round of focus groups, it was determined that the CHT needed to develop three ministries to help meet the needs of our Parish and community.  We encourage all members of St. Sava to become involved with one or more of these newly created ministries.  The goals of each of these ministries can only be accomplished through Parish-wide participation.  These groups also provide an exciting environment for you to interact and get to know people who you may not regularly meet or interact with.    

Technology Ministry

Goal: To enhance the awareness, growth, and knowledge of the Orthodox Faith and the St. Sava Parish through the use of increased and improved technological resources.
Advisors: Marco Lukacs and Lyle Washowich

Activities/Welcoming Ministry

Goal: To establish activities that enhance the welcoming and participation of parishioners, fallen-away Orthodox Christians, community members, and non-Orthodox Christians.
Advisors: Sari McNamara and Donna Vranesevic

Faith/Liturgy Ministry

Goal: To increase the knowledge and understanding of the Orthodox Faith and Liturgy.
Advisors: Michael Mochan and Mike Vranesevic

Initial meetings of each of the Ministries are intended to begin in October. 


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