Ministry Groups

Ministry Groups

Parish Council & Supporting Organization Officers - 2013
Parish Council & Supporting Organization Officers - 2013
Parish Council & Supporting Organization Officers - 2013

Altar Boys

This year, our parish is blessed to have 5 Altar Teams, totalling 24 Altar Servers! Each team is named after a Saint of the Church, and has a designated Captain to help the younger boys learn how to help Prota Stevo and serve in a dignified manner. 

St. Sava Choir

The church choir is doubtless the most essential and inspirational of all church organizations. The St. Sava mixed choir, organized in 1934, by Father Popovich, has faithfully served the church for over 90 years and continues to add a deep spiritual dimension to the beauty of the liturgical services. This group of dedicated singers has demonstrated a true sense of loyalty and dedication to this vital ministry of church singing.

Holy Trinity Kolo
Sveta Trojica Kolo Srpski Sestara

The Holy Trinity Circle of Serbian Sisters ("Kolo") was organized in March of 1931. The purpose of the Kolo is to promote sisterly love, unity, church and social activities among the Kolo members and within the church-school community. An important element of their mission has been to provide furnishings for the parish house and the Church. Over the years the group has had many fundraising activities, making and selling delicious homemade noodles, strudels and palacinke.

This dedicated group of women can always be counted on to provide a delicious meal for banquets and are a vital part of our annual International Village parish fundraiser.

St. Sava Men's Club

The St. Sava Men's Club is known for its generous support of parish projects, raising funds by hosting Sunday brunches and their semi-annual oldies dances. This dedicated group of men is also geneous with their time, donating their talents and labor to get work done.

St. Sava Sisterhood

The St. Sava Sisterhood conducted its initial membership meeting on April 30, 1981. The Sisterhood, through its generous spirit, assumes all of the finances necessary for the education and recreation of our church-school students. Begun in the 1980's, the sisterhood continues to raise funds by baking and selling nutrolls at Christmas and Pascha.

Prior to the purchase of commercial mixers and convection ovens, the sisterhood would bake throughout the night while our Sunday School children had a sleepover in the Church hall.

Among the many activities provided by our sisterhood are Christmas and Harvest parties, field trips to theme parks, hayrides, ice skating, bowling. Also, this group covers the registration fees for any child who is interested in attending our diocesan Church camp at Shadeland.

St. Sava Youth Group

Our Youth Group is grades 7 through 12....we are meeting on a regular basis with Prota Stevo, with the goal being a strong commitment to fellowship and service in our ranks.

St. Sava Young At Hearts

This dedicated group of seniors help minister to the sick, and provide many opportunities for both social and spiritual growth.



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